Vedas Chanting at SNBP International School


The Veda or Vedic Mantras are ‘Apaurushya’,’Imperson’ and ‘Authorless’. This is the oldest
layer of Sanskrit literature directly conveyed by the Devine to the Rishis in the olden times.
According to scriptures, Vyas Rishi is the compiler of Vedas ; who arranged the Vedas as
RIgveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharva Veda.
On the event of Dr DK Bhosale (Chairman and Founder) birthday celebration to be celebrated on 7 th
Oct’19, a havana along with Veda chanting was carried out to mark the beginning for the celebration, on
5 th Oct’19. Students of SNBP, Rahatani in large numbers along with parents witnessing the same pooja
was performed. The ritual was carried by Dr DK Bhosale (Chairman and Founder) along with his soul of
life Dr Vrushali Bhosale (President).This event was organized and conceptualized by our Principal, Ms.
Jayshree Venkatraman and Principal, Ms. Priyanka Agrahari showered her presence for the blessings
further.2000 students from across Classes 3 rd to 7 th chanted Vedas in unison .A very divine environment was
created instilling peace all across.
The aura created by the students of SNBP looked as if divinity and god and goddesses marked their
presence and created a mystic feeling of spirituality and peace.

Courtesy SNBP,Rahatani




Starts On : Wed- October 16 2019

Ends On : Wed- October 16 2019