Final MOMs of PTA meets held on 29th September and 13th October.

 PTA meets held on 29th September and 13th October.

Starts On : Sat- September 29 2018 Ends On : Sun- March 31 2019

PTA 1st MOM 2018-19

PTA 1st MOM 2018-19

Starts On : Tue- July 17 2018 Ends On : Sun- September 30 2018
SNBP Rahatani

Executive PTA Committee 2018-19

 Executive PTA Committee 2018-19 

Starts On : Fri- July 06 2018 Ends On : Mon- December 31 2018
SNBP Rahatani

First Annual concert of SNBP WORLD SCHOOL.

First Annual Concert of SNBP WORLD SCHOOL which is due on Saturday, 23 rd December’17. The
theme of the concert is “ KIDOLESCENCE” which depicts the growing up phase- a period which we all cherish.

Starts On : Sat- December 23 2017 Ends On : Sat- December 23 2017

SNBP UTSAV Schedule for Academic Year 2017-18.

Schedule for the Practice and the Reporting Time for the presentation of our much awaited Annual Concert for the current Academic Year 2017-18:SNBP UTSAV which shall celebrate, “Rediscovering of Maharashtra” on 20th , 21st and 22nd December’17.

Starts On : Wed- December 20 2017 Ends On : Fri- December 22 2017

Invitation-Annual Concert SNBP WORLD SCHOOL

Dear Parents,

You are all invited to be part of our Annual day and witness the journey of Kidoscelence.Everyone presence is solicited.



Starts On : Sat- December 16 2017 Ends On : Sat- December 23 2017

Circular For Summer Vacation Project

Class Wise Summer Vacation Project List

Starts On : Sat- May 02 2015 Ends On : Sat- May 02 2015
S.N.B.P. Rahatani

Circular On Books & Uniform For Academic Year 2015-16

Circular On Books and Uniform For Academic Year 2015-2016

Starts On : Wed- March 18 2015 Ends On : Wed- March 18 2015

Circular for Competitive Exams and Shloka Chanting


                                                                             19th July’14

There is no saturation in life… only saturated minds; There is no stagnation in life…only stagnant people

Dear Parents,

Our school has been participating in prestigious Olympiads to ascertain our students’ merits in these competitions. Science Olympiad Foundation is a registered education foundation set up in 199...

Starts On : Mon- August 04 2014 Ends On : Mon- August 04 2014

Teacher's Appreciation

Teacher's Appreciation by Parents

Starts On : Fri- April 25 2014 Ends On : Sat- May 31 2014