Admission Procedure

1-Filling the registration form

2-Admission Form to be duly filled and submitted to the School Office along with the relevant documents & fees within three working days of interaction.

3-The Schedule of aptitude test/interaction to the conducted will be communicated while submitting the Online Form.

4-Aptitude test for class 3 to 9 in English and Maths.

5-Interaction with School Authority for all.

General Admission policy

1-Admission is open From Nursery to Class 8 for the Academic Year 2020-21.

2-Admission Criteria for nursery (3years) completed on or before 30th Sep 2020.

3-Admission Criteria for Class 1 (6 years) completed on or before 30th Sep 2020.

4-Foreign national need to submit relevant documents as per government of India rules and regulations for foreign national & Secure appropriate Visa/ Resident permit if applicable.

5-Aptitude test is administered to Identify basic Skills of a child in language(English) and Mathematics from class 3 upward.

6-Meeting of the child and parent will be scheduled with school Authority before the admission.

7-Admission form once issued should be duly filled and submitted with the relevant documents within 3 working days.